All of the emails that you send to your customers, clients, and leads have a purpose right? That purpose is usually something along the lines of getting your readers to purchase a product/service, register for an event, donate to a cause, read your blog post, make a reservation and the list goes on… In this […] Continue

By definition, an entrepreneur is a risk taker. So to me, a successful entrepreneur is one that is not afraid to make risky business decisions that are profitable more often than not. Pretty straight forward, right? But how do they do it and more importantly how do they bounce back in the face of difficulties? […] Continue

Why do you need Google Calendar? You have a very simple and straight-forward life. You only have to be at one place at a time. You don’t need to coordinate your schedule with any co-workers, clients, bosses, family members, parents, grand-parents, spouses or children. Your children’s sports coaches, singing coaches, music instructors, band-leaders, volunteer-assignment providers, […] Continue

I was recently asked to write a guest blog post for the MA Small Business Development Center about what I would do differently in 2014. Here is what I had to say... Who sets goals for the New Year? Yea. Not fun, is it? But this is the way we improve…as managers and business owners. […] Continue

When we ask our clients what is the number one thing they struggle with when it comes to Social Media, it’s rarely about what to post, how to post, or when to do it.  It’s about finding the TIME to do it. None of us have all day to spend on Facebook or Twitter. Don’t […] Continue